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Searching for the perfect puppy is such a rewarding experience.When you find the
perfect breed and the perfect breeder, it is a match made in heaven! Deciding on a Yorkshire Terrier was such an easy decision - who wouldn't want a tiny puppy that is so full of life and love. One that runs to greet you with the biggest hello, even when you just walk around the corner! The next step was to find the perfect breeder - one that would love my puppy just as much as me. After over a year of researching breeders in Canada, I stumbled across Crescent Yorkies. When I read about the care and time designated to these little babies, I knew I had found my match! I could not have asked for a better experience with Tammy. I got weekly updates from the time the litter was born, until the time I got my new addition! Looking through the photos of the puppies was always the highlight to my week. Tammy was always there to answer my questions, and reassure me of my choice. Over the months of waiting for my Olyver, I found a friend in Tammy. When I saw Oly for the first time, I knew he was the healthiest little guy there could be! Having him with me has only reassured that! My new happy, healthy, energetic, AND cuddly puppy, has turned out to be my new little best friend; and will be for many many years to come!

Dear Tammy (Crescent Yorkies)

I am so happy that I chose you as our breeder of choice. I was a little nervous since Lucy would need to be shipped to us in Anchorage Alaska, but everything turned out perfect. When Lucy arrived on the plane she was full of energy and looked wonderful. I appreciated all the communication we had during the shipping process, you made me feel very comfortable.

Our little angel Lucy is so cute and sweet, and we showed her off to all of our neighborhoods in Anchorage!! Lucy is winning the hearts of people every day. They love her! She is so tiny and yet she radiates joy and happiness to everyone she meets. Lucy is all curled up at my feet as I type. Her personality is really coming out, and she absolutely adores kids. Thanks again for breeding such wonderful Yorkies. Lucy is PERFECT.


I am from Michigan and a little over 8 years ago I was looking for a little lap dog, a Yorkie. I did some research but didn't come up with anyone here who had what I was looking for. I searched the Internet and found Tammy and her Yorkies. I contacted her and she was very informative and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Tammy sent me pictures of her available pups and I was able to choose that perfect one for me. I even named him before I even received him and asked her to call him "Brett" so he would be familiar to the name by the time he was old enough to be shipped to me. I sent her a deposit and then payments until he was all mine.

Tammy kept in contact with me all thru the process and even sent me pictures. We waited until the weather was just right so he could be flown to me. She picked an airline that had a climate controlled pet compartment so Brett would be comfortable for his journey to his forever home. He had a long journey to get to me but finally he arrived at the airport near me one night. He was happy to see me...lol. Tammy had put a blanket in his nice carrier, along with food, and the airline gave him water in his little holder to keep him from getting thirsty. When I arrived at the airport one of the airline's personnel had taken care of him, gave him food and water before I arrived to pick him up.

I am very satisfied with Tammy and her business and yes, I plan on getting another Yorkie from her in the future, she is a great breeder and takes time to get to know you. I still send her emails and pictures of Brett and she is grateful for that. She cares about who and where her pups are placed. Tammy is like family now...lol

I had to have my Yorkie of 7yrs put down do to some type of tumor that is common in smaller breeds, it was a very difficult time. When I decided to look for another to take her place it was difficult to find anyone that was interested in dealing with a grieving mamma. I did a lot of research on the internet and made a lot of contacts, however Tammy Freeman was the only one that not only showed compassion, she also was the one that contacted me back a zillion times via email or telephone to answer my every question. I was very excited to find that she had a female that was going to be having pups in approximately 4 wks at that point. Tammy didn't push me she just filled me in on her pups, how they are raised and allowed me time to figure out if this is what I really wanted to do. At the point of the pups birth, I requested pictures of the pups (2). I of course fell in love and committed to my little Jazmine. Tammy allowed me to make payments without question. I then asked Tammy to send me a picture a week so I could watch her growth, Tammy did without question also. I was like a child in a candy store every time I received one! I truly felt that I had bonded with this pup prior to ever getting her.

When it came time for Jazmine to come home, again without question Tammy met me half way which was in Great Falls to make it final. What a GREAT day it was! My only reservation of this transaction was the cost. These pups are fairly expensive, however they are WELL worth it. Jazmine was clean, she was healthy, and she was very acclimated to people and other animals, not raised in a kennel without contact. There was NO separation anxiety on her part from the time I picked her up to now. It was important to me that she was stimulated and loved prior to her coming home, it was obvious to me that she was. Be prepared for them to be a boss! Thank you Tammy for my baby, I hope to get another someday and it will definitely come from this breeder.

Colt & Miles

We have purchased two (2) Yorkshire Terriers from Tammy & Cory Freeman on-site at Cresent Yorkies. The breeders area was clean and warm for the dogs. Trixie was part of the family when we came to visit and we could tell she was well taken care of. I have kept in touch with the Freeman's because they care where their dogs are placed. There wasn't any overcrowding or neglect of their dogs. People are welcome to visit and feel comfortable.
Colt is now 4 years old and picked up alot of his mothers (Trixie) traits: He is very loyal to me, loves people in general. Plays well with other dogs. We don't encourage children under 5 to play with either of our dogs. Traveled well to Seattle - Portland and home. People fall in love with my dogs because they are full of personality, character and have a great dispostion. Colt does show an independence that is in his "own sweet time " and there is no changing his mind at times. He hasn't had any health problems. This is one HEALTHY dog. Life is good So are my dogs

I have been meaning to send you pics of the puppies, but I wanted to wait for their haircut =) They are amazing!!! Beans is so tiny still and he is such a mama's boy... he always wants me to hold him or to lay on me. He has the sweetest face and I just love him to pieces. =) Lila is definitely the boss, but she is also sweet and loves to give kisses all the time. She usually starts the fights with Beans, and she wont let him wear anything because she tries to bite it off of him. They have the most wonderful personalities and we couldnt ask for better puppies. Thanks so much for giving us everything we wanted and more. Here are some pics of them... these are very recent, they got their haircuts not too long ago. I hope to hear back from you! ~Jocelyn

Beans & Lila
Sorry it has taken me so long to send photos of Max. He is doing amazing! Such a bundle of energy all the time :) The first picture if from a few weeks ago and the 2nd & 3rd are just from last week. I apologize for the poor lighting, but I think you can tell how cute he is and see how much he has changed! He LOVES his sweatshirt so I had to send pictures of him wearing it. :) Thanks again!
Hi Tammy,

I have attached some pictures of Mimi and Charlie. The first Picture was taken a few days ago, Charlie just woke up and my husband took a picture. Charlie sleeps with his head on my pillow and loves to be under the covers:). The middle picture is again Charlie in the morning posing for the camera . The last picture is an early picture of MiMi, I love her long ears. She just got a hair cut so she is more grey now. My Husband and I love them sooo very much and we have them so very spoiled:)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Mimi and Charlie
Hi Tammy,

Just thought I would send a picture of Cooper's new summer hair cut. I think he is very handsome of course. He has turned into the best boy ever. He comes on comand no matter what. He loves all other dogs and people are his favorite. Oh he is around 4 pounds I think. Mark

It's been a long while, but thought you would like an update on Lacie. She is fabulous and a very special part of our family. Cute, cuddly, and always playful...just adorable. Here is a picture from around Christmas time. She was 18 months on February 3 and weighs just over 5 lbs. Lacie is sleeping on my lap as I speak.
My sister has a Bernese Mountain Dog that is nearly 1 year (late March) and weighs 110 lbs. They couldn't be more different...and we live around the corner from each other. Both my husband and I alternate working from home, so she has constant attention and loves to sleep in the room where we are working.
She loves children...my 9 year old daughter and all her friends.
Be well,

Just before Christmas this year my " LittleBear" fell down a flight of stairs and died in my arms, it was like losing a child . I really didn't think I'd ever get another dog, wasn't going to take that chance and go through that pain ever again. Then just two months later my son found Crescentyorkies.com and sent me an email with a picture of a puppy. Needless to say that led to quite a nice correspondence relationship with Tammy .It amazed me how much she cared about me as a grieving "mom" there was no pressure, just an honest empathy. She had a litter of puppy's due in a little while and we decided for me to just keep in touch to decide whether or not I was ready to get another baby, Tammy was wonderful.she sent me pictures every week of three different possibilities and replied to my constant e-mail!! She and I spent a lot of time deciding which puppy would be just the perfect fit.
By the time I got my new baby half of the town I live in were waiting for this new baby with me My boss even gave me a half day off for maternity leave to spend a bit of extra time with him,he came to work with me the first half of the day to be the "greeter"
when we met with Tammy and her husband to pick p our puppy it was like meeting an old friend,and my new puppy seemed to think he knew me,we bonded immediately and he has slept in his kennel every nite since without hardly a whimper.
Thanks Tammy for caring so much!

Hi Tammy and Cory
We cant thank you enough for sending this perfect little gem of a dog our way. She is perfect! Sweet, mellow and quite a toughie outside. The girls are beside themselves and we couldnt be happier. she is such a smart little cookie. anyway, we love her!
thanks again,
Laurel, Stewart, Lucia, Saachi and now Naalu
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